2022-06-25 03:58:09 By : Ms. Tracy Zhou

Dr. Maureen Brennan-Weaver died at home in Harrisburg on June 14th, shocking all who loved her by being ahead of schedule for the first time in her life. Desperately missing her are her beloved daughter Caity and son-in-law Taylor, and her adoring husband of 33 years, John, to whom Maury provided selfless care throughout his prolonged infirmity. Also mourning Maur are siblings Jim, Tom and Meg-whose sons and daughters have lost a rowdy aunt-plus countless friends and patients. Maureen bunked at the top of her class from Camp Hill school days through years at Bryn Mawr and the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine (where, her parents Thomas and Patricia Brennan fondly recalled, she "wore out a path" collecting graduation awards). John Weaver reports she wore Teddy (Pendergrass) jeans and green sneakers the day they met in Philly. A few summers later, their pastoral Allenberry wedding had to be reconstituted in a basement during a July downpour, which everyone swore was good luck. Luck bloomed the following year: Maureen gave birth to her favorite child and opened her podiatry practice. When a broken wrist forced her to give up surgery, she persisted as an uncommonly caring foot doctor, treasured by patients who showered her with homemade treats she occasionally accepted as pay. Dr. Brennan-Weaver could not stop herself from buying shoes for patients if she spotted just what they needed while shopping. She categorically did not do house calls, except for patients she "really liked"; of these, there were so many she had to set aside whole days for house calls. Brilliant and curious, she could have done anything. She chose podiatry to have holidays off, but usually forgot to schedule them off. After decades of work, she retired to care for her best-liked patient: her cherished mother, Pat, who preceded her in death by just four years. Maureen was 6'0 and loved strays of all species. Could outthink any opponent. Was riotously funny and pathologically generous. If you mentioned a thing you liked, she'd get you 11 when she found them at a great price. When a young nephew wished for a plastic microscope, she found him a real one (at a great price) and painstakingly prepared hundreds of slides for his study. Maureen had a cackle that crashed through rooms. She died before discovering what, if anything, she was afraid of. Maureen's true joys were helping people, and anyone anywhere saving money. She briefly employed a skilled housekeeper but found her a more lucrative job. She clipped coupons for diapers and left them in the grocery store baby aisle. Decades ago, she acquired a huge box of toothbrushes for pennies on the dollar and has kept her family in toothbrushes ever since. Maureen was a gardener to make Earth proud. In lieu of sending flowers, please plant a little something in her memory. Please also be aware (in her memory) that garden centers mark perennials down to unbelievable prices in the fall. No amount of time with the astonishing Maureen would have been enough for her family and friends, though she gave us enough toothbrushes and memories to last several lifetimes. Oh, how we loved her!

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