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2021-12-14 09:50:30 By : Ms. Linda Li

Speaking of fishing tackle, I am a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder. These two may seem contradictory at first glance, but this may be the best way to describe me. I like fishing tackle and have a lot, but sometimes it seems difficult to tame. I'm always looking for new ways to understand the chaos and pack as many tackles as possible into a tight space. Therefore, I am very excited about the products we will be reviewing today.

The Evolution Outdoor Drift series fishing tackle backpack is designed for people like me and most anglers who don’t have big boats. It has enough space to accommodate everything you might need for a day or even a week of travel on the water. Whether you are fishing on a kayak, Jon’s boat, a co-fisher on a partner’s big boat, or just walking along the shore, this is what you want to see.

One of my favorite features of this bag is probably the simplest. Don't slander the other cool things they do with this product, but the operation of the big top compartment is similar to the "dairy box" I used to use on some large fiberglass boats. Sometimes I find myself fishing on a fiberglass boat worth $60,000, and most of the equipment I plan to use that day is stored in a small cardboard box in a large compartment. Then boat manufacturers realized this and began to include a day box in their design, so anglers had a small and convenient compartment on the boat where they could put the main items they thought might need for the day on the water.

The top hatch of the Evolution Outdoor Drift Series Tackle Bag is the same for me, and I like it. When the backpack is placed upright, the top hatch is at a good level, you can reach out and pick out the more common things you use that day, whether you are standing on the coastline, sitting on the deck of a big boat or turning around on a kayak Grab things. This is a good place to put the most important items. But this is just the tip of the well-known iceberg, involving the storage of this thing.

There are five additional zipper compartments and four rubber-coated mesh pockets. These are very effective for soft plastic packaging, hard bait still in the original packaging, weird rig tools, dyes, rejection labels, etc. Each is equipped with heavy-duty zippers and oversized pull tabs, so you can easily operate it even if you are in an awkward position, such as reaching behind you in a kayak. There are also six matching fishing tackle trays in the backpack. They are fixed in the bag by a combination of straps, nets and buckles.

This is a very innovative idea. Personally, I have never seen anyone do something like this before. Although the whole bag has a soft feel, you can see that there is a harder thin material on the walls around these boxes to strengthen them. If you want to place it on the ground, in the bottom of a boat, or in the rear well of a kayak, this, together with the tackle tray itself, provides the bag with enough rigidity to stand firmly. But when removing the tray, I prefer to put the bag on the back and then slide the tray upwards.

There is also a small rain cover under the top front zippered compartment, which can be pulled down on the tray to provide a little protection in the event of rain or water splash. The trim of the lid has an elastic band that can be pulled over the two small black tabs at the bottom of the bag to hold the lid in place. Another very clever addition.

Like I said at the beginning, as long as you don't have a large bass boat with a lot of storage space, this will be a very good package for any other angler. For kayakers, I really like this more than crates. On the one hand, getting into the water is easier; just throw it on your back, grab the kayak, your fishing rod, or other things, and you can save a trip. The shoulder straps are top-notch, and Evolution Outdoor adds some very good padding to land along the angler's shoulder blades.

In my opinion, it is also better than a crate because you can rotate, grab the bag and move it to the front of the boat to solve the problem. Then when you're done, rotate it back and put it behind without having to keep the rotated position while digging in the crate for what you need. But this bag is not only suitable for kayak anglers-it is also designed for stream waders.

Again, it is a great bag for anyone who fishes as a second angler in a tournament or often fishes on a boat with friends. In fact, I haven’t had a big boat of my own for nearly two years. A bag like this is great for me because I often jump from Dad’s boat to the bank, then to the jon boat, and then back to Dad’s. The boat is a boat again. With the advent of kayaking, this bag will soon get more use.

As for the deputy angler in the tournament environment, you have enough space to carry almost anything you need, instead of carrying five bags like some anglers do, which can be a truly controversial way to start a new day. Many rowers frowned when they saw an angler appear on the 8-hour trip, as if he was going to college. This package can help you integrate a lot of equipment and provide a convenient system to carry anything you may need.

All in all, this is an excellent tackle bag for almost all anglers who are fishing on a kayak, walking on the shore, wading in the water, or jumping in and out of his partner’s boat from time to time. The Evolution Outdoor Drift Series Tackle Backpack is equipped with all pockets, pouches and boxes, providing a convenient place for you to store all hard baits, soft plastics and tools. You can choose to store the items you need for the day in the top hatch, or tuck a reel, extra spool or even a lightweight raincoat when needed.

All of this is in a backpack, you can cross-body it on your shoulder for a short walk, or you can tie it to your chest for a long time. A very cute bag, I personally look forward to using it more when I get on and off Dad’s boat and soon start diving into the kayaking scene. The Evolution Outdoor Drift Series Tackle Backpack is available in blue or green. The retail price is $119.99, which is an investment, but you won’t be disappointed.

The Evolution Outdoor Drift series Tackle backpack can be purchased at BassPro.com.